OTOY is delivering real-time cinematic quality 3D graphics through the browser!

OTOY is a Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company, OTOY's aim is to deliver real-time, cinema-quality 3D graphics to filmmakers, 3D designers, animators, game developers, and end users by using the rendering power of the cloud, consisting of clusters of multiple GPUs, and streaming it to the client through a web browser. OTOY also commercializes the LightStage technology, a facial- and motion-capture device that can capture an actors' performance in photorealistic detail, and has been used in several motion pictures including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Spider-Man 3 and The Social Network.

The technology has the potential to be used for online games, 3D virtual communities, instant messaging and social networking applets among other things.

OTOY has partnered with AMD to work on several of their promotional events.


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