The video boom rages on!!

As we anticipated, video has been the greatest driver of smartphone Internet traffic, and video sharing one of the most popular activities on all the major social networks. Even the bigger more established brands such as ESPN, BBC, and HBO are serving more video via their on-demand apps. Over the last year, 43 percent of the time, consumers are watching video on their own terms via computers (6 percent) and mobile devices (4 percent) and Internet connected TVs (10 percent) versus live TV (57 percent). As consumers continue to move to the on-demand across multiple devices, this creates lots of new opportunities for new video driven apps, ad networks, content creators and distributors.

Host: Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn

Vince Broady, CEO, Thismoment
Rachel Payne, CEO, FEM inc.
David Russek, CEO, 7Echo


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