The most amazing Hyperlapse videos we've seen so far!!!!

Hyperlapse is the newest standalone app from Instagram, and it's attracting plenty of praise for bringing easy time-lapse capabilities and unmatched image stabilization to the mobile world in a simple way. It's not only the newest way to make the mundane look cool, it's inspiring fresh takes on mobile videos — and it's only two days old.

The app has been replacing Ice Bucket Challenge videos on social feeds across the world with stabilized time-lapse videos of drives home, passing clouds, and — of course — cats. But while many people are still getting their feet wet, others are already coming up with wild and creative ideas that they're sharing to just about every platform. It's early, but Hyperlapse already looks like the next must-have tool for anyone creating mobile videos.

We've been collecting our favorites from all over the internet over the last two days and are showing off some of the best we've found from Instagram, Vine, YouTube and Vimeo below. Here are some of our favorites, starting with an excellent one from NBC News' Oliver Cox of Marine One touching down near the Washington Monument:





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