The dirty secret of mobile: When 90 percent of user acquisition is generating $0, what's to be done?

Speakers: Adam Marchick (Kahuna), Chris Erickson (Apartment List)
Moderator: Jonathan Sills (Battery Ventures)

User acquisition is fundamental to mobile growth and the industry is thriving, but getting an app install does not a business make. For the past five years, mobile growth experts have been optimizing CPI; now it is time to triple user lifetime value. Chris Erickson, the chief operating officer of Apartment List, understands the importance of growth that prioritizes strong user engagement as well as exponential new acquisition. As Chris explains, users don’t just onboard themselves. Onboarding is the vitamin in the world of mobile growth, and marketers must create an omnichannel and personalized onboarding experience to ensure their long-term success. As a result, Apartment List has become the Web’s fastest growing rental search engine. During this session, Chris and Kahuna CEO Adam Marchick reveal the secrets of Apartment List’s mobile-first growth strategy that has user engagement and conversion skyrocketing by 110 percent.


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