Rein 'em in! How to keep customers coming back with the digital loyalty loop!!!

Speakers: Jeanette Gibson (Hootsuite), Rahul Sachdev (Get Satisfaction)
Moderator: Hannah Kuchler (Financial Times)

Ninety-three percent of human interaction relies on non-verbal queues. Surprising, given our ever-increasing reliance on digital communications via social and mobile technologies. So how does a business build authentic, sustainable relationships with prospects and customers in this new landscape? Join Jeanette Gibson, Hootsuite’s VP of community and customer experience and Rahul Sachdev, the CEO of Get Satisfaction, for this session as they explain how exactly companies today can leverage tools like social media to foster meaningful and lasting experiences for their customers. They’ll share examples to illustrate the new social customer support order and examples of tools and services that can help brands forge better links with its supporters (read: customers) online throughout all points of the decision making process.


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