Positionly can measure SEO performance, and improve rankings with simplicity!

Positionly enables users to track the position of their websites and measure the SEO performance of them. In other words Positionly is a Search engine ranking startup.

Positionly is website’s position tracking simplified. Positionly's focus on simplicity makes it a truly unique tool on the SEO market. They've removed all bells and whistles and left only things that are important to your business. Tracking 10 keywords? That's good. 4000? They've got that situation covered too. No matter how big you are, we scale as your business does.  Save yourself some time, and let our application do the hard work. You don't have to penetrate search engine results and search for your websites, they will do that for you. Unlike many others, they are using modern web technologies that are supported on most of the currently available mobile platforms including, iOS and Android


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