Pandora launches Google Glass app for streaming internet radio!!!

Pandora today released its official app for Google Glass, letting owners access their personalized radio stations on the go. The service supports listening in three ways: built-in speaker and bone conduction (no headphones required), single earbud included in the Explorer kit, and the
Double earbud accessory (micro-USB).

You can control the app with the touchpad (thumb-up and thumb-down tracks, and standard controls like pause, skip, stop) or via voice commands (just two: select an existing station and create a new one).

If you own the Glass headset, you can install Pandora by following these steps:

Go to on your computer or device.
Go to the Glassware page and find Pandora.
On the detail page, turn ON Pandora and sign in.
Give permission to access basic information.
Pandora will be added automatically over the air.
The app was first birthed this past spring at Pandora’s semi-annual 72-hour hackathon. “It was such a hit that we decided to show it to Google,” Pandora said, and the two worked to get it out as official glassware.


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