Microsoft to Sell Stand-Alone Xbox One Kinect — for $149!!!!

Good news for anyone who purchased the stripped-down $399 version of the Xbox One console this summer and would like to upgrade: a stand-alone Xbox One Kinect sensor will go on sale on Oct. 7.

The orphaned Kinect will cost $149 and come bundled with a copy of Dance Central Spotlight, the newest entry into the motion-controlled dance franchise. That price point, which is $50 more than if you bought the Xbox One and Kinect together, suggests Microsoft may have been selling its original vision of the Xbox One at a loss. (Dance Central Spotlight costs $10.)

The Kinect motion controller was stripped from the console in exchange for a lower price point in May. Shaving that $100 off allowed the Xbox One to go toe to toe in price with the PlayStation 4, which throttled the Xbox in terms of sales last quarter.

The lower price, once more console-exclusive games come out, could help balance sales.

But it also meant Microsoft had to do a 180-degree turn on its original vision of Xbox One as a connected living room device that would control all your entertainment. To see how central that philosophy was, just watch this commercial.


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