How to integrate predictive intelligence into your CRM!!!

Speakers: Amanda Kahlow (6Sense), Scott Broomfield (Xactly)
Moderator: Maribel Lopez (Lopez Research)

Predictive analytics is adding a new layer of “intelligence" on top of CRM software, which marketing and sales teams rely on to guide their sales efforts. For example, predictive analytics can enable a sales teams to become much more efficient by showing them who to target and what sales efforts work, and which ones don’t, based on past patterns. CRM giants are quickly realizing this, evidenced by Salesforce’s recent purchase of RelateIQ. By transforming "dumb" software into predictive ones, companies can focus their marketing on the right buyers and increase their marketing-qualified-leads to sales-qualified-leads converse to drive substantial revenue growth. Xactly CMO Scott Broomfield talks about how his company integrated predictive analytics tool to achieve such growth.


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