How to align marketing and product to maximize user growth!!!

Speaker: Brian Rothenberg (Eventbrite)
Moderator: Ben Parr (DominateFund)

Growth doesn't come from just marketing and sales or just product alone; growth is best driven by cross-functional teams working together toward shared growth goals and metrics. Today's fastest-growing tech companies have broken down these historical barriers and have learned to work hand-in-hand across marketing, product, engineering, UX, analytics, and more in order to drive more users, convert them better, make them happier, and keep them longer (and in turn, to maximize value of each and every one of them). In this session, Eventbrite shares how it has aligned multiple functions around a single growth framework, some of the initiatives that have paid large dividends, how it measures progress, and how the team has made progress in spreading the "growth gene" throughout multiple different functions in a rapidly growing organization.


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