Honing the Power of the YouTube Influencer!!!!

The traditional definition of “celebrity” has evolved to include those who influence a mass audience, no matter what the medium. Content networks such as YouTube provide a means of discovery and democratization of content that creates millions of dedicated, loyal followers. How can brands within the gaming realm leverage the power of a YouTube personality organically to drive organic user acquisition? Traditional entertainment studios are beginning to pay serious attention to YouTube stars and the influence their network can have on peer-to-peer user acquisition. This panel will be dedicated to answering a new and important question –how can entertainment entities, gaming companies and other brands utilize the individual fan base of YouTube talent to drive loyal, lifetime users?

Luke Stepleton, Co-founder, 3BlackDot
Tom Cassell, YouTube Personality, The Syndicate Project
Adam "Seananners" Montoya, YouTube Personality, SeaNanners Gaming Channel
Jimmy Yun, CEO, Section Studios
Mitch Berman, Managing Partner, Zen Media Entertainment Group


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