Defining predictive marketing in a crowded B2B space!

Speakers: Darian Shirazi (Radius), Sanjeev Patny (American Express), Erin Colbert (ZenPayroll)
Moderator: Matt Marshall (VentureBeat)

Marketing tactics quickly transformed from big data to data-driven, and some now claim predictive is here. B2B marketers face pressure to employ technologies to deliver marketing strategies founded in a data-driven understanding of their customers and to develop automated campaigns for repeatable ROI improvements. And they're expected to make these changes yesterday. Hiring internal data scientists and marketing technologists is inefficient, and most providers still build custom models that require project management and complex implementations. How can organizations reduce the complexity and streamline time to deliver a 360-view of their customers? How will marketers improve conversions at each stage of the funnel? And when will your marketing become truly predictive? Darian Shirazi (CEO and Founder at Radius) will showcase the importance of software powered by machine-generated data and his approach toward a productized predictive marketing platform.


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