Busting through ceilings - it’s not a game...or is it?

Speakers: Scott Brinker (ion interactive), Kimberly Pointer (Kabam)
Moderator: Ben Parr (DominateFund)

In the ultra-competitive world of "free to play" mobile games, companies grow when they are able to rapidly experiment and then quickly implement and scale up the experiences their players engage with the best. Kabam has embraced constant testing as part of its culture. By consistently providing the most sticky and engaging designs and interfaces, its user acquisition teams ensure every level of the user acquisition funnel maximizes conversion, leading to the explosive growth that the company has seen these past few months. In this session, Kabam describes its latest successful testing campaigns, the concrete influence on business growth, and how leveraging an integrating platform enables the company to focus developer resources on designing the games, while testing is automated. 


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