Alienware Area-51 gaming rig is out of this world: Here's why!!!

Dell is bringing back one of its classic desktop computer lines through its gaming brand, Alienware. The new Alienware Area-51 gaming computer has a completely new look, with under-the-hood power to match.

With a very different and interesting design, the Area-51 is sure to make any gamer salivate. Not only that, but the computer features a just-announced processor from Intel, the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition.

"We're excited to reveal the reimagined Alienware Area-51, a system that is the result of 18 years of innovation fueled by our love of gaming," said Frank Azor, manager of Alienware. "We questioned everything and then began working on a system based on how we actually use our full-tower desktops rather than based on what was quick, easy or comfortable for us to design."

While the computer may look interesting, the design is not just for looks. In fact, the computer has been redesigned to offer improved cooling inside the Area-51.

"Internal fans blow fresh ambient air, quietly and directly, onto the graphics cards and the internal cable management enables maximum airflow -- satisfying your system's hunger for cooler air and keeping it performing at its peak," said Alienware. "The angled design also provides a large space for hot air to escape where a traditional, rectangular chassis only leaves a small space between it and the wall."

The new processors being used in the computer use either six or eight cores, and the computer supports up to 32 GB of 2133 DDR4 memory. This kind of memory supports 20 percent more bandwidth and uses 20 percent less power. Not only that, but the Area-51 is also big enough to include three graphics cards.

The computer will also come with Dell's UltraSharp 34 monitor, which features an ultra-wide 21:9 display and operates at 60 Hz.

The last time the Area-51 line was refreshed was in 2010 and at the time the design was a much more traditional black rectangle with red accents. Dell calls the new design "Triad."

Apart from the design's cooling features, it will also allow for easier access to the motherboard's IO ports. This will allow users to quickly attach USB devices, network connections, and so on. In fact, the computer can support connectivity of up to three 4K monitors, which should help users get that immersive gaming experience.

Dell has not yet said exactly when the computer will go on sale or how much it will cost. However, it will begin shipping globally sometime during the holiday season.


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