Wearables and the Future of Personal Data!!!

In the future wearables will collect, express and transact personal data in ways that will reshape our social and personal relationships. The data that can be collected about us from sensors on our bodies might reveal not only how much we exercise, but how we are feeling emotionally and details about our physical health that were never before exposed. Recorded data can show where we have been, who we have been with and how long we have spent at the office, at home or at other locations. Wearables can allow us to express this data artistically or allow us to transact this data through proximity, touch or other protocols with different types of other people and objects. Wearables are also likely to empower us and others with powers of super-perception such as augmented sight and hearing or even empower us with exo-skeletons enabling super-strength or super speed. What data might we be required to make public? How could we still feel protected? What are the best options for how we will participate this new super-human reality?


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