Ways to increase Twitter Followers!!!!

The number of genuine followers on Twitter bears hallmark of quality. Once follower base starts building up, it multiplies itself, given one makes presence at regular intervals. Social Media, be it Twitter, Facebook or any is like traffic point where people recognize you till you are regular and timely.

To be acting on Twitter does not necessarily mean, one should always keep announcing, ‘I am best marketer in town’ or ‘I am the best town planner’. Twitter is a social media; being social will give you much recognition, people like interesting being in you. They follow you for what you are; this is why a celebrity’s Twitter account reflects millions of twitter followers.

Once you have plenty of Twiter followers, you can always exchange them with facebook likes, VK Likes, Pinterest Likes etc. But first thing first; here let’s see how to increase Twitter Followers while playing around; saying Hi and making some fun too!

Offer Opinions: Don’t act like mute spectator among the crowd of aliens. Following someone is one thing, may be you have followed millions of Twitter accounts. Now, say something useful in others posts. Other fans and followers will notice you, retweet you and off course they will follow you, given your opinions are worth. Offer insights, merely writing Thank You / Gr8 Post, Pl RT won’t work for longer.

Find Best Twitter Hashtags: Research around your niche, find organic keywords. Search for Twitter Hashtags around those keywords in Twitter. Find content useful and relevant to your niche. Learn from the writing on the wall; offer advice/suggestion, and ask questions. Post comments. People will know you, and many will look ahead fro your Tweets.

Help Others Tweeters: Around your best hashtags, look what kinds of questions others are raising. Offer them helping hand. Do not say anything based on assumptions. Research around; take help from other sources like Wikipedia, Encarta and Dictionary etc. Answer precisely. People will respect you, will follow you and will tell others that you are someone whose opinion matters.

I am following Leo Notenboom on my personal facebook account to get latest updates, told so many of my friends too. Why, because Leo is the authority, I liked him. Sir Richard Branson, I am following on my personal Twitter account, I tell others too, if you want to learn business follow him on Twitter. Please mind presentation matters.

Simplicity is the key to show inside out. Merely painting social media image, buying Twitter followers and other tactics won’t work for longer. Be genuine Tweeter, your SEO will automatically turn out white hat. Peace!

Harness power of Twitter Widget: Put a Twitter widget in your website, blog, email link, business card and all those communications where you can. People will know you are on twitter. Many will follow you.


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