Trulia/Pandora: Leveraging the power of audio advertising!!!

Speaker: Kira Wampler (Trulia)
Moderator: Heidi Browning (Pandora)

Mobile marketing is still in its infancy. Some of the lag in spending can be attributed to uncertainty around ROI, metrics, and how much of a role mobile should play in a marketer's media mix. With 80 percent of its listening happening on mobile, Pandora has been at the forefront of helping brands tackle these challenges -- and one brand that’s getting great results through Pandora is Trulia. In fact, 100 percent of Trulia’s first-ever national advertising campaign this year was mobile. Through a fireside chat with Pandora’s SVP of Strategic Solutions, Heidi Browning, and Trulia's CMO, Kira Wampler, you'll learn about the great opportunities and challenges brands face when assembling a mobile campaign.


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