Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Android Game Running Great on TV!!!

David ISBITSKI, Developer Evangelist, Amazon Apps and Games, Amazon has been a professional speaker, trainer and technology evangelist for over a decade. He is an author for, can be found on twitter as @TheDaveDev, and blogs at as well as the official Amazon Mobile Apps and Games Developer blog.

Android gaming has come to the living room with the arrival of Android powered devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Ouya! Gamers can now enjoy their favorite mobile game through a console-like experience on the big screen. Before you publish your game there are some important things you will need to consider. What does your game’s 10 foot experience look like, how will your touch controls convert to a controller based experience, how will you sync game progress across all of your players devices, and what are the TV-specific gotchas like overscan. Using Amazon Fire TV as an example, this video will cover the Top 10 things you need to know to get your game running and looking great on TV.


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