The inside story behind SwiftKey’s big move to free!!!!

Speaker: Joe Braidwood (SwiftKey)
Moderator: Devindra Hardawar (VentureBeat)

In June of 2014, SwiftKey removed the $3.99 price tag from its predictive keyboard app, which had the #1 spot in Google Play’s best seller list for the better part of 2012 and 2013. Although the ‘freemium’ app model had been gaining increasing traction, this decision from a chart-topping developer like SwiftKey surprised many. During this fireside chat, chief marketing officer Joe Braidwood will share the back story behind SwiftKey’s big move, and will tell us what the company learned from the keyboard’s first weeks as a free app. He will discuss how it’s possible to make a change this significant while keeping users happy. he realities of implementing in-app purchases for the first time, the impact on chart position and what the future holds for SwiftKey.


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