Reaching shoppers through their favorite companion - The smartphone!!!

Speakers: Kelly Solomon (L'Oreal), Alexis Rask (Shopkick)
Moderator: Matt Miller (Walden Venture Capital)

Consumer traffic through mobile is accelerating at a rapid pace, rising 81 percent in the last year alone. As a result, mobile is becoming the number one medium for companies to reach their target markets -- any time, any place. But as a fairly new medium, it is difficult to determine what solutions can make a real impact. In this case study presentation, Shopkick’s chief revenue officer Alexis Rask and L’Oreal’s VP of e-commerce and multi-channel business Kelly Solomon will dive into a detailed case study showcasing how L’Oreal improved awareness and sales of key products though Shopkick – and how brands can take advantage of mobile devices.


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