Poncho will make sure you never forget your umbrella again!!

Poncho is a text- or email-based weather service that gives subscribers fun, actionable advice about the weather each day instead of a list of temperatures. The company, which has a sassy orange cat as its mascot, initially only served New York City, but it launched in Boston in April.

Long before the era of iPads and Snapchats and holographic Tupacs, some of the greatest minds in tech and science spent their life trying to understand weather patterns. Since, we’ve evolved to have an almost overwhelming amount of data on what today’s weather will be like, and it’s entirely possible that we’ve gone overboard with the notion of being ready for a little rain.

That’s exactly the premise that Poncho, a new startup launching out of betaworks, operates under.

Sure, you could download apps or log in to weather sites and get all kinds of hourly forecasts for the whole country, Doppler radar readouts, weather news (which is usually the most boring type of news), and a host of other types of information. Or you could see a daily breakdown of the weather in a way that’s meaningful to you, and only to you.

Poncho works by first learning about your daily routine. When you sign up to the service, you’re asked a series of easy questions about the flow of your day: when do you wake up? Do you have any pets you need to walk? When do you head into work? What time do you take lunch? When do you leave work? How do you commute?


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