Moxtra shares content across social media, email or SMS!!

Moxtra is a Mobile Content Collaboration service, founded in 2012. It focuses on designing mobile solutions to help people master the chaos of their busy lifestyles. is an easy to use, Power Messaging service for coordinating your projects. Moxtra can help you orchestrate results in real-time whether you are a a business owner managing your staff deliverables, a student getting a group to make a deadline or a Sales Rep driving a team response for a sales opportunity. With rich real-time mobile collaboration over relevant topics and content, Moxtra provides a simple and spontaneous way to execute projects quickly.

The application facilitates productive group conversations through an easy to use messaging interface. Moxtra lets you pull your files into your conversations from your desktop, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other repository. Embedded within each conversation, is a powerful set of content interaction tools including annotations, voice notes, and real-time meetings. These features are targeted to users who are trying to get something done with immediacy. Moxtra binds all these conversation elements into a Moxtra Binder that provides context and continuity for each discussion. The application is available for iOS and Android devices as well as on the web. You can use Moxtra seamlessly on your phone, tablet, or laptop.


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