Mobile Bridge is the world’s most advanced mobile marketing cloud platform.

Delivering an enterprise cloud platform for location aware mobile customer journeys and marketing automation, mobile customer relationship management, mobile promotion & loyalty and analytics, we enable marketers to create rich automated mobile customer journeys which are personalized ,adapt to individual customer wishes and behavior delivering an exceptional branded mobile experience.

Our mobile & cloud technologies are added to existing or new mobile apps with little programming skills with full cross platform support including native iOS, Android, HTML5 and PhoneGap and integrate with your CRM, loyalty program, ecommerce backend, supply chain, point of sale system (POS) and social media, instantly creating a powerful, personalized mobile communication channel.

Embedded with strong engagement tools including iBeacons, coupons, rewards, sales, polls, surveys, videos, gamification, loyalty, push messages, rich messages all working “out of the box” in holistic harmony, the Mobile Bridge platform allows you to offer your customers the exceptional experience they expect. 


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