Gearbox Software's GaymerX Spectacular!!!!!!

Members of Gearbox Software (Randy Pitchford, Ashley Rochelle, Graeme Timmins, Amanda Christensen, Anthony Burch, Chris Faylor) as they discuss how they've tried to make their games more inclusive, and how they can go even further in the future. Discover the devs’ motives behind making more diverse casts in Gearbox games past, present and future! Then, get in on the conversation as Gearbox turns to you: what still needs to be done? How can we go further? We want to hear your thoughts!

Part of the Gearbox creative team was on hand to discuss their efforts to make their games more inclusive in a first-day panel. It was refreshing to hear series writer Anthony Burch talked about the move toward inclusivity as a process of “becoming less shitty.” Discussions about how developers can increase the diversity of their titles so rarely seem to involve the idea of iteration, or of being able to make and then correct mistakes, but that is exactly the situation Burch described. Viewing mistakes as a chance to take ownership and move toward positive change was a common message from developers that I heard speak at the event, and was an incredibly refreshing change from the industry’s current and all-too-common party line of “we’ll do better next time” with no acknowledgment of what had gone wrong. The developers I heard speak at GaymerX2 took that extra step of not just ownership, but understanding what went wrong, that I think the more common empty promises typically lack.


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