EmPowered will make sure that you're never stranded with a dead phone again!!

Tired of schlepping around a phone charger with you all day, only to find that you have nowhere to charge your phone? emPOWERED is a line of tech-enabled fashion that launched this week with the intention of solving this problem. The idea began when founder Loni Edwards noticed that her phone was always running out of battery, and she hated using bulky phone charging booster cases. She wanted something that would seamlessly fit into her life without adding extra baggage, and knew that other women felt the same way.

Edwards launched her first collection this week featuring the All-In-One bag, an elegant clutch style handbag with built-in battery power to charge you phone and other portable electronic devices (Kindle, iPad, digital camera, etc.) on the go in style.

The bag combines two major necessities: fashion and technology. As for the fashion, the bag is spacious and lightweight, made from high-quality leather. They are also versatile: it’s large enough to serve as a main bag during the day, but can also be turned into evening wear if necessary. The features such as the handle strap are all flexible and adjustable to fit a variety of womens’ style needs.

As for the tech, the All-In-One has a powerful built-in battery that can charge a phone from 0% to fully charged, with leftover battery to spare. It’s universally compatible, meaning the bags can charge just about anything with the included charging cable (mini USB) and Apple adapters (30 pin + lightning). Additionally, the bag itself is easy to recharge, it just needs to be plugged into the USB end of a computer cable or wall adapter.


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