Decent Capital’s Jonathan Qiu talks gaming, and investing in American companies!!!

The online and mobile gaming industry is an ever-expanding and increasingly viable market for many venture capitalists, including China’s Decent Capital. Of the 120 companies in the firm’s portfolio, more than 50 percent are games companies. And Decent Capital is constantly on the hunt for more.

In a recent interview in San Francisco, we talked with Decent Capital’s managing director Jonathan Qiu Blumberg about the gaming industry in the U.S., in China, and around the world. We found out why Chinese venture capitalists are looking to make investments in American companies.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

In the interview, Qiu explains that the gaming industry in America is much different than in China. Currently, the American market has been experiencing a slow and steady decline in the number of new games being developed, and new users being acquired. In China, the industry is still as robust and competitive as ever.

Jonathan tells us that with such a bustling industry in China, even larger firms like Decent Capital have lost out on deals because there is much stronger competition. He explained that the American marketplace offers firms like his more opportunities to invest in the companies and the products that they want to without as much competition from other VCs and angels.

When speaking about the gaming industry, Qiu says that it’s not as easy a marketplace to enter as many people think. Competition is fierce, and in order to succeed, he says, you need to have a great product and the right connections


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