7 Ways that Being an Entrepreneur Can Improve Your Life!!!

Being an entrepreneur is something that a lot of women dream about. You get to be your own boss, make your own hours, and you get to actually love your job. That being said, it is one of the most difficult achievements out there.

To be a successful entrepreneur these days (1) depends on how you define successful, and (2) is statistically stacked against you. However, if you can add that “entrepreneur badge” to your sash, you will benefit both professionally and personally.

#1) Risk Management

There is a certain level of risk involved in being an entrepreneur. If you’re not used to this type of risk, the whole endeavor may appear too scary for you. On the contrary, if you are a risk nut (if the idea of an activity being risky sets your blood boiling), then perhaps you need to be reined back a bit.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you will need to learn how to manage your risk taking trait. Being an entrepreneur will teach you how to take smart risks. You will be able to determine which risks are worth the danger and which are just too hazardous to your bank account (and those who have invested in you).

#2) Learn to Believe in Yourself

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the weak of spirit. You will learn that fast. If you don’t believe in yourself and if you don’t embrace the process, you will end up drowning. Once you start believing in yourself, others will believe in you too.

You need to learn how to market yourself because, as the head of your company, you are not only the backbone of your project, you’re also the figurehead. People who have low self-esteem generally don’t become entrepreneurs but it’s not that it’s never been seen. The successes are great and building you up but those don’t normally come up until later.

#3) Acquiring New Skills

It is inevitable that when you head out on your own and start your own business, you start to acquire more technical skills. It is imperative that you work online whether it be a social media account (or five) or your own website. Since starting my own business, I’ve learned more about coding than I ever thought I would. Companies, businesses, and organizations have backed programs who help women learn how to code in order to further their career goals.

Check out Girls Who Code and Codecademy. Codecademy is great for women who have a hectic schedule and can only pick it up in their sporadic spare time.

#4) Discipline

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You will put in long hours. You will have to work through a few holidays. You will have to dock your own pay so that you can pay others and pay for improvements. At least, you may have to at first. It will be hard and it will teach you discipline and teach you how to follow through with your word.

It will also help you to be disciplined in how you spend your money. You may picture the perfect storefront but probability states that you probably won’t get it right off the bat. You will have to earn it and piece it together slowly. You’ll have to learn what you need and what you have to hold off on.

This practice will seep into your personal accounts as well. When you practice discipline at work, you will soon start to be more disciplined at home as well; you’ll manage your time and money better.

#5) People Skills

If you’re quiet, you will learn how to speak up. If you don’t, you’ll be left in the background. Now, that being said, not everyone is as boisterous as Billy Mays…

…but you can and will have to find your perfect outlet to be outgoing. Some people are great over the phone because you don’t have to worry about seeing people face to face. Some people have to take it a step further and work best through e-mail (I’m one of those). If you have to go to conventions and conferences, you will have to meet with people face to face.

#6) The Power of Passion

There has been a backlash in the “follow your passion” movement in the business field. More people are “following their passions” and falling flat on their faces. Because of that, more people are rushing out and telling people not to follow their footsteps.

Being passionate about your work is important because sometimes, that’s all you have. When you’ve got debt collectors calling you, when your vendors aren’t coming through, and when the store is empty, you will only have your passion (and your strong support team) to keep your head above water. But that’s what it is: it’s a floatation device. It won’t be able to hold your head above water forever but it will help you get to shore if you have the drive and dedication.

#7) It Makes You Feel Good

It is hard. There will be hardship after hardship. If someone told you that it was easy, he lied. However, it will also make you feel great about yourself. You can tell people that you are following your dreams and there is an amazing clarity that comes with that statement. You are forging your own path with your own hacksaw – cutting and slashing through all of that brush yourself. It is an empowering feeling.


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