We’ve all come a long way since the birth of the first generation iPod. Nobody could have predicted that this brick-like MP3 player would develop into an all-in-one personal assistant, digital app store, and gaming device during long train rides home. It’s all thanks to developments in technology, which have upgraded to a level where we’re now wearing it on our backs. Digital watches, Wayfarer shades and Hanes socks are slowly, but surely, being replaced with devices that can track sleep patterns, lifestyle traits and a full data analysis of your 15-minute morning workout. Here’s the best part of all: it’s only just beginning. Take a look at 10 of the best wearable technology devices that you can pick up right now. Try them on and experience the future of health, athletics and fashion as we know it.


The D-Shirt — brainchild of the French tech company Cityzen Sciences — makes choosing a set of gym clothes a tad bit easier. The shirt’s fabric is woven with sensors that monitor heart rate, GPS location and speed, among other things. Afterwards, your workout summary is sent directly to your mobile device through an exclusive app. For those of you wondering, it’s completely lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about being weighed down by cords.


With Nike being one of the most trusted companies in athletic apparel and footwear, their place in the world of wearable technology was pretty much set in stone. The official Nike+ FuelBand is great for anyone who’s active and always on the move. One thing that makes this device extra special is the Nike+ Sessions feature. It logs physical activity from day to night, even clocking all those zzzs you’re catching, or slacking on, in the middle of the night.


Are we looking at the world’s first smart headphones? In addition to being wireless, the innovative Dash in-ear headphones are made with a 4GB built-in music player and performance tracking system that lets you know heart rate and extensive exercise information. Whether you’re in the mood for music or muscle building, the Dash headphones come in handy for both occasions. It’s up to you to decide what you want to use them for.


If you’re someone who doesn’t like to be limited when it comes to color, the Sony Smartband is worth checking out. The core unit is removable, so it allows you to switch up the bands to match up with your entire sneaker collection. It’s capable of logging every aspect of your life, even down to time spent communicating with friends or listening to music. This one definitely should be an eye-opener for all the social butterflies out there.


Become your own stuntman with the wearable GoPro Hero3 camera. From the slopes to the sea, this camera will put the audience in a first-person perspective and make them feel completely in the moment. In terms of specs, the GoPro Hero3 captures professional-quality video at up to 1080p30 and 5MP photos at up to 3 frames per second. In layman’s terms, it basically allows you to become the Steven Spielberg of homemade action videos.


When your life is centered on running and improving agility, everything comes down to legwork. The Sensoria Fitness Socks literally cover the situation by tracking sprint activity, detecting foot landing for long jumps, and gathering all types of biometric data that’s great to have on record. Everything that’s been documented is easy to view on the brand’s app, which is more like a virtual coach. It’s safe to say that the Sensoria Fitness Socks are the perfect alternative to those old tube socks that are currently stinking up the gym bag.


Sometimes you don’t need all the fancy tech essentials, at least in physical form. The Jawbone Wristband leaves it all in the hands of an app with the UP Band acting more as a style component that tracks your every move. The Jawbone’s UP system is always on and works to upgrade the quality of your life. That includes by-the-hour feedback and healthy motivation in addition to understanding how to better your sleep cycle. Once you realize how well this incorporates into day-to-day tasks, you’ll wonder how it was ever possible to get along without one.


Whether you’re a snowboarder or down with the ski squad, the Oakley Airwave 1.5 will complete change anyone’s experience on the snow. Tracking speed and session stats only scratches the surface of what these goggles can do. It can measure and track the amount of jumps you land, link your phone calls and texts directly to your lenses, and allow you to visually control your tunes as you head down the slopes. With the added bonus that all your data shows up in the size of a 14-inch screen from a distance of five feet, what else could you possibly ask for?

At the end of the day, wearable tech will always come back to the watch. Spanning from the calculator timepieces of the ’70s to the touch screen capabilities that they’ve developed today, watches will always be credited with popularizing the trend. The Samsung Gear 2 expands that legacy with a series of advanced features, including the ability to make and receive calls through a compatible cell phone device and a built-in camera with 720p video recording. The interchangeable straps and music playing capabilities are just icing on the cake.


It’s the one that everyone’s talking about, but Google Glass eyewear actually lives up to the hype. From GolfSight and SwingByte for the Tiger Woods in training to the Strava biking tracker for cyclists across the globe, the possibilities of Google Glass are endless if you live an active lifestyle. The casual lens crafter can enjoy these as well, especially with life hack features like the Words Lens translator and Google Now updates with everything from Game 5 scores to up-to-date traffic info being sent straight to your lens.


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