The Internet of Things can tap into your car with dash!!!

By now you've heard of the Internet of Things. Yes, your gadgets, devices and everything inbetween are becoming connected to the internet. The industry is just starting to take off.

Enter Dash, a Techstars-funded, connected car platform which turns any car into a "smart" car. It's a tiny device that plugs into your vehicle's diagnostics port (works with any vehicle made after 1996) that can read information about your vehicle, its performance (hint: learn how you can drive more economically) and location. It connects via Bluetooth to an Android-compatible mobile app. An iPhone version is "coming soon."

So, if your car breaks down, Dash can tell you exactly what's wrong and even give you an estimate of how much it'll cost to fix. If your car is in accident, you and your loved ones can be notified in real time. Pretty sweet.


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