The API Copyright Emergency: What's Next?

The recent decision by the US Appellate Court in the case of Oracle v. Google that APIs can be copyrighted has sent shockwaves through not just the API Economy, but the entire technology industry. The decision has resulted in widespread confusion about what the decision means, especially when it comes to API fair use; a nuanced part of the ruling that was remanded back to the Circuit Court for further deliberation. For this panel discussion that we've scrambled together at the last minute, we've pulled together some of the leading experts on the matter to debate the efficacy of the decision, to help us understand what will or could happen next, and what action we should be taking (or not taking) now.

Annette Hurst, Orrick
Mike Linksvayer, Creative Commons
Lawrence Rosen, Rosenlaw & Einschlag
Pam Samuelson, University of California


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