“No BS Public Relations: How truth & transparency can save the PR industry”

PR is just a bunch of lies’, ‘PR people are shady’, ‘PR is all manipulation’. As a PR person you are bound to have heard one of these phrases at least a few times in your career. This panel is designed to discuss the lack of trust in PR, the misconceptions about the industry and what on an individual level we can do to turn these perceptions around. The panelists will explore what it means to be transparent in this business, how to arm clients with the education they need to better understand this industry and what it’s going to take as a community make honest, no BS PR the norm.

Moderator: Jennifer Jolly (Emmy Award Winning Tech Journlist, On-Air Personality, USA Today)
Panelists include:
– Elliot Tomaeno, (Founder of Astrsk PR)
– Falon Fatemi, (Entrepreneur / Former Googler)
– Josh Constine (Reporter, Tech Crunch)
– Don Clark (Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal)


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