“Back from the dead: PR and Corporate Communications Reinvented”

The news of PR’s death has been greatly exaggerated! PR and business communications strategies and tactics are just different than they were in the 20th Century. Getting coverage and sharing information are no longer about getting news to the right reporter, sending out a newsletter, working conferences, and securing media opportunities. Social amplification, content marketing, native advertising, and internal communications are the new normal. Every brand is expected to be a media company and produce videos, articles, social commentary, as well as amp up employee engagement. But, most people running companies are not PR and Social Media professionals and, with the proliferation of news and information channels online, content quality is dropping. Hear how to cut through the noise, focus attention on valuable information about your clients, companies and products, and produce quality content. Gain insight into the new strategies, tools and tactics needed for successful communications.

Key take aways: {What’s content got to do with it?}
1) Influence and how to earn it!
2) The new role of the journalist!
3) Which tools really work and which are duds!

Moderator: Kym McNicholas (CEO and Founder, Kymerview)
– Tony Obregon (Global Social Media Lead, Avanade)
– Anne Ahola Ward (CEO, Circle Click)
– Heidi Groshelle (President, Groshelle Communications)


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