The Alchemy Behind Creating and Promoting Buzzworthy Events!

On Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 at 6pm at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, CA PR Disrupted held The Alchemy Behind Creating and Promoting Buzzworthy Events! The PR Disrupted is apart of the PR Summit Conference Series. The 5th Annual PR Summit is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at The Old Mint.
Shaun Saunders of Graffiti PR

 San Francisco and Silicon Valley remains a magnet for big ideas, big brands and big money. One representation of this continuing trend is the events, great and small, that show up every day that are potentially useful for a wide range of different attendees.With so much competition in the San Francisco Bay area for event organizers, publicists and marketers to create a great event that can attract the right attendees at the right time, what are the tips and tricks to do it right? Hear from experienced voices in the field, who have organized and promoted and dozens of events over their careers. Learn how to create an event that attracts a crowd and yields great ROI for the company behind it.
Target audience: Event/conference organizers, PR reps, brands looking to promote through events.

Paul Philleo

Moderator: Paul Philleo (Writer, Gaming Industry)
--Peter Mullen (Sales/BD at Bizzabo)
--Shirley Lin (Executive Managing Director at 800 Birds)
--BiBi Jackson (Director of Marketing, GDC Events, GDC Next, Game Network Properties, UBM Tech)
--Ben Parr (Author, Co-Founder, DominateFund)

Here are videos of the event:

Here are more photos of the event:


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