Meet the DEMO gods: Hot Technologies from DEMO Enterprise!!!!

Matt Duch, CTO, Learnmetrics
Tony Gauda, CEO, ThinAir
Andrew Hubbs, Co-founder, Parklet
Connor Landgraf, Founder and CEO, Eko Devices
John Gallant, Chief Content Officer, IDG Communications

For over 22 years, DEMO conferences have built an unmatched track record of identifying tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies, launching companies such as E*Trade, Salesforce, Webex, Tivo, VMware, Fusion-io and thousands of others. The latest DEMO alumni are not yet household names but have plenty to share about innovation. Join this session and hear from those launches judged most likely to succeed at DEMO Enterprise earlier this month. You’ll hear the latest insights from the startup community and learn how these entrepreneurs are using mobile, social and cloud technologies to change health care, education, the workplace and storage.


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