Keynote: Analytics 3.0 and the Data Bottleneck!!!

DataBeat 2014 was filled with information about what is new and hot!!! On May 19th - 20th, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Union Square, San Francisco, CA.

Tom Davenport (Author of Big Data @ Work)

The most sophisticated large organizations today are adopting “Analytics 3.0,” an approach that combines big and small data analytics at speed and scale. The opportunities from this movement are enormous, both from better, faster decision-making and from new products and services based on data and analytics. The great bottleneck to these efforts, however, is the ability to evaluate, clean, and integrate data fast enough. In this presentation, Tom Davenport, author of Big Data at Work, will discuss how to address the data bottleneck in terms of both technical and organizational solutions. He will present examples of organizations that have begun to curate data almost as rapidly as they can process and analyze it.


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