Icehouse to target fewer startups in more focused program!!!

The Icehouse, a New Zealand business growth and startup incubator, is cutting the number of startup companies it focuses on in favor of a more in-depth program designed to get kiwi companies into the international marketplace.

Icehouse CEO Andy Hamilton
The Icehouse is a business growth centre that creates learning environments for entrepreneurial firms to enable them to significantly grow their companies. This charitable trust encompasses a business incubator for startup companies, a training company for owner managed companies and is home to New Zealand’s largest grouping of angel investors. The current CEO of The Icehouse is Andy Hamilton.

The Icehouse is a collaborative partnership between The University of Auckland Business School, The Boston Consulting Group, Telecom and Gen-i, BNZ, Ernst & Young, HP, and Microsoft. It was established in 2001, to reflect the partners’ commitment to empower New Zealand companies to achieve and sustain high levels of small and medium enterprises economic performance.


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