Fostering a Culture of Data Inside Any Organization!!!

Speakers: Simon Zhang (LinkedIn), Ellie Fields (Tableau)
Moderator: Elizabeth Dwoskin (Wall Street Journal)

LinkedIn had an ambitious goal: to develop an analytics platform that would deliver not only strong analytics but also sales revenue. To do this, the company knew it had to build a system for its salespeople so user-friendly it was like magic. And to be relevant, it had to combine data from multiple systems, from Salesforce to Hadoop and more. To learn how LinkedIn developed a data analytics platform that now supports thousands of team members and increased its business-services revenue by 85% year over year, join Ellie Fields, VP of Product Marketing at Tableau Software, and Simon Zhang, Business Analytics Director at LinkedIn, as they look at best practices for turning your organization into a data-driven business. They will discuss patterns of success, such as getting analytics to key employees in the context of their daily work, to help you drive better results with data.


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