Empowering the Individual!!!

Speaker: Chris Neumann (DataHero)

For the past two decades, data analytics infrastructure has been built around centralized data stores. While the nature and scale of these data stores has evolved, the organizational paradigm -- that of a central group responsible for curating data for the entire organization -- has not. With an ongoing migration to the cloud, enterprise data is quickly becoming decentralized as workers increasingly rely on SaaS-based services for everything from CRM to marketing automation to source code repositories. Moreover, the vast majority of these services are departmental in nature, making it difficult in many cases to justify the costs associated with bringing the underlying data into the traditional centralized stores. In this lightning talk, Chris Neumann, CEO of DataHero, will discuss the emergence of a new category of data products designed to empower knowledge workers to be able to work with diverse, cloud-based data while eliminating the bottlenecks imposed by centralized BI. He’ll discuss the unique architectural and organizational challenges posed by decentralized data and the strategies different vendors are taking to address this growing need.


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