NextUser | Deliver Scalable 1:1 marketing, combining user data & interactions!!!

NextUser empowers marketers to deliver automated multichannel user experiences that are relevant and timely leveraging our proprietary user profiling and decision engine.

Historically, companies have relied on individual solutions (CMS, email, Advertising, etc.) to affect holistic customer behavior.

By enabling them to work in concert, marketers can deliver messages to the right audience at the right time. They can contextually adapt customer experiences based on user behavior, KPIs, engagement, location, etc.

Specifically, it’s one simple platform to:
1) Aggregate user data from our tracker and all relevant sources: internal database, CRM, Email, Social Media….
2) Manage individual user profiles for anonymous and identified traffic across all touch points.
3) Enable marketers to establish user scenarios/workflows at scale without technology resources.


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