MentAd Is Predictive Marketing!!!

MentAd is redefining online customer acquisition with its predictive marketing platform. Its clients are already seeing CPAs improved by up to 9x and ROI of up to 15x.

In a world with billions of online users - how can consumer companies identify, reach, and acquire their next customers?
As opposed to existing solutions that use a “spray and pray” approach to figure out who they should target and how, MentAd’s unique approach replaces the guesswork with real data. By analyzing 1st and 3rd party conversion and customer data, MentAd leverages sophisticated machine learning techniques to identify what uniquely characterizes existing customers, and to find opportunities across different marketing channels to acquire new similar customers. The result is highly profitable campaigns acquiring the right customer via the right channels at the optimal price.

MentAd is seeing amazing results, unlocking the true potential of predictive marketing to help B2C companies effectively acquire new customers and grow conversions.


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