Eko Devices: A cardiologist in every physician's pocket!!

Eko provides physicians with certainty when diagnosing heart conditions. We’ve built one of the world’s first stethoscopes that can automatically detect heart murmurs. Doctors currently have the almost impossible task of trying to hear minute differences between heartsounds, which results in frequent misdiagnosis and undetected heart abnormalities. Through a physician’s smartphone, the Eko software compares a patient’s heartbeat to a database of thousands of others and provides almost instantaneous feedback to the physician. Eko gives every physician the power of a cardiologist in their pocket.

Eko’s smartphone application also allows for powerful integrations with existing medical infrastructure. Doctors can share recorded heart sounds with other physicians around the world, attach a heart sound to a patients medical record, or even email the heart sound to the patient themselves. Eko opens up unique new opportunities to improve collaboration, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Videos of Connor Landgraf, CEO of Eko Devices at DEMO Enterprise:


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