DEMO Deep Dive: Big Data Changes Everything!!!

At DEMO Enterprise 2014 there was an amazing panel called: Big Data Changes Everything. How true that is with every big company using Big Data and every startup pivoting from it.

John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Communications US
Jeff Rothschild, VP Infrastructure Engineering, Facebook
David Flynn, CEO, Primary Data

The advent of cloud computing and big data is changing computing at a deep architectural level. The data models are changing, and architectures built for Internet-scale computing are trickling down to the enterprise. Jeff Rotchschild, VP of Infrastructure Software at Facebook and co-founder of Vertitas, and David Flynn, CEO of of Primary Data and former CEO of Fusion-io, will discuss what needs to happen next at the storage, compute, and networking layers, and what can the enterprise can learn from Internet-scale systems built at Facebook, Google, and elsewhere.


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