Apakau will delivery your Data without fail!!!!

Apakau provides a data delivery network that helps enterprises around the globe securely deliver and exchange data with their geo-distributed users, on mobile devices and desktop, achieving lowest real-world latency and maximum uptime.

Through its intelligent, manageable and patent-pending geo-distributed data delivery network, Apakau provides the following benefits:
Reduces data latency up to 90% compared to traditional methods of data access
Prevents outages due to traffic spikes or DoS attacks
Caches and routes critical application data to mask the address of the origin application server or database for heightened security
Maximizes data security from the origin all the way to the user by end-to-end encryption
Reduces both capital and operating expenses, and carbon footprint

Apakau works alongside content delivery networks & application delivery controllers. It does not require modification to existing application infrastructure.


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