PitchForce 3/17/2014 was great!!!!!

On March 17th PitchForce was held at Runway in San Francisco. The event had many great startups as usual. If you were not there, you missed out on networking and fun!

The startups that participated included:

  • Skillsapien- a startup that allows individuals to purchase advice in hour chunks from high level executives.
  • Mashgrams- a new, viral photo messaging app that includes licensed sounds to still frames
  • Cloud Lending- A up-and-coming platform that allows for the simplification of giving/receiving loans through the cloud.
  • DealFlicks- A company that seeks to fill unsold theater tickets at steep discounts.
  • OnVedeo- A highly scalable video company that allows anyone to produce high quality videos.
  • National Academy of Athletics- A highly scalable athletic program for kids in under funded cities.
  • Kuli Kuli- A new superfood appearing in the USA for the first time in the form of a nutrition bar.
  • Fun2Rent- A peer to peer power sports renting and connecting platform.
  • Audio Everywhere- A company that makes it possible to listen to TV audio in crowded and noisy places via their mobile application.


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