DMMSI Is Improving Inner-City Education With Technology!!!

DMMSI's mission is education and ensuring students reach their goals, these aspirations can be accomplished more quickly via an advertising and marketing platform. The online advertising industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with a stable growth forecast, intense innovation, passionate progression and a substantial contributor to the national and international economy. Within the industry, DMMSI will be the first to launch an agenda of partnering: college/university marketing, job marketing, scholarship listings, internship listings, business marketing and general advertising, all within one tool.
  • Qtopia, an online learning program aimed at increasing math, science and reading, is used by DMMSI's staff to give parents and inner-city organizations of K-12 students access, either in the comfort of their homes or the organization’s computer lab.
  • RYCP is for high school seniors to choose a certification pathway in Project Management, Cisco or HealthCare. Pathways vary from 9-18 months and include online training, virtual tutoring and certification test(s).
  • DIVAS is a 12 week program for high school females to develop mobile apps that solve problems in local communities. DMMSI staff hosts weekly workshops, brainstorming sessions and lab time. At the end of the 12 week program, they submit their mobile app for the Technovation Challenge. 
  • FELLAS is a 3 year program for African-American high school males. DMMSI staff hosts weekly workshops on critical thinking, business planning, coding and more. Each year new boys join; those who have completed previous years mentor new recruits.


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