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Volumental is the world’s first cloud-based 3D scanning service!!!!

Twitter Adds Chronological Conversations to Its Apps!!!!!!

Hugo Barra’s departure from Google is huge news for Xiaomi. It’s bigger news for Chinese tech!!!!!

VKB Technolgies makes Minority Report a reality!!!!!

Robot Colleague builds better industrial robots!!!!!

Dr. Maombi may revolutionize healthcare in Tanzania!!!!!

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Attack of the Kling-ons!!!!!!

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Comparific can save you money on your phone bill!!!!

Kiwied a mobile learning platform created by teachers and students!!!!

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Best Travel Apps for Smartphone-Savvy Tourists!!!!!!

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MathSpace is cloud-based learning software that teaches math to kids!!!!!!

Laid to paid: how Tinder set fire to online dating!!!!!!

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Tech Startups Power Local Employment!!!!

Publons rates academic research!!!!!

Expander insures you get the real thing!!!