Testdroid by Bitbar makes testing mobile applications on various devices a breeze!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitbar is a technology and services company with ambition to help its customers to get most of their R&D by offering high-performance automated software Build and Test solutions. Their solutions are ideal for development teams that want to deliver high quality software without the hassle of developing, building and maintaining own tools for Android testing. They are accelerating time to market and lowering costs of developing software on Android platform, be it on smartphones, tablet computers or TVs.

Marko Kaasila, Founder and CEO had a concept for the company. Cloud-based service for automatically testing iOS and Android applications, HTML 5 apps, and mobile websites on mobile devices. The Testdroid platform allows developers to upload their applications and get compatibility feedback and results within minutes. Testdroid has high-profile customers like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flipboard, Evernote, Pinterest, PayPal, and eBay. They have received $3 million from Creathor Venture, and DFJ.

Here are videos about Testdroid and Bitbar:


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