Susteq gives clean water to the developing world!!!!!!!!!

Susteq’s main goal is to sustain the water flow in developing countries. Susteq’s customers are existing commercial- and development organizations that value improvement of living conditions of end-users in communities. Currently, it is highly challenging for these organizations to collect water-usage fees to keep water systems running. Susteq offers technology to provide individual end-users access to water with digital wallets using RFID technology and money transferred by mobile phones. Susteq has two employees; Founder Marten, responsible for business strategy and technology, and Leonie for public relations and administrative activities. Susteq was founded in the summer of 2012 and currently has three European customers active in Kenya and Tanzania. Susteq lives up to its slogan for these organizations: “Sustain your flow.”

Marten Susebeek has a background in business administration and mechanical engineering. During his master’s assignment for Philips in Ghana, he was triggered by the potential of bridging demand for water and willingness of people to pay a small fee for it. This idea led to the founding of Susteq.

Here is a video about Susteq:


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