SimGas gives the power of biogas to people in remote regions!!!!!!

SimGas designs and markets innovative biogas and sanitation systems for households in (sub) tropical regions. SimGas’ high quality mass-producible biogas systems make affordable and clean energy available for millions of households, improve lives, and contribute to the reduction of deforestation and carbon emissions. SimGas BV was founded in May 2009 by two brothers: Sanne and Mirik Castro. Their goal is to prove that social entrepreneurship is profitable. SimGas engages in product development and investment in the field of agriculture and basic utilities. SimGas has strong ties with the biogas community via its respectable Board of Advisors.

Sanne Castro co-founded SimGas in 2009 with his brother Mirik. Inspiration for the company emerged from Sanne’s Master’s thesis research, which addressed the feasibility of large-scale biogas systems in Tanzania and Ghana. His master’s degree from TU Delft in Energy Systems Engineering focused on sustainable energy systems. Sanne has in-depth technical knowledge on biogas and the market for biogas systems.  He manages business activities for SimGas in both the Netherlands and East Africa and the intended business expansion to Asia. Sanne is responsible for SimGas’s product development and technology implementation.

Sanne Castro of SimGas

Here is a video about SimGas:


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