Silicon Vikings Presents: The power of building a strong brand from the start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday June 3rd, 2013 I found out, what advice did Thomas Gad give Richard Branson and got expert branding advice for your startup. The Swedish where in power at this event!!

Competition among startups is increasing and messaging and building the most effective brands, will help create the future winners. The world-renowned branding expert Thomas Gad from Brandflight, Jenny Sagström from the advertising agency Sköna and Britt Anderson, Trademark Attorney from K&L Gates, held a workshop where we learned more about:
  • What is a brand, really?
  • Why do you, as a startup, need branding?
  • Why you as an entrepreneur need to build your personal brand in parallel to your company brand?
  • What is a strong brand and what does brand equity mean for your startup in the early stages?
  • Real-life stories, about fixing brands gone wrong - why visual design matters.
  • How do you protect your brand?
Here are videos of the event:

Here are pictures from the event:


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